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  • Arnold Catapang


    The team behind BingX has been committed to developing an exchange that is easily accessible for all levels of traders. That is evident the very moment you access the BingX homepage…
  • Nguyễn Thành Công

    Việt Nam

    Tôi rất yên tâm khi giao dịch với BingX. An toàn hết ý luôn!
  • Diego Luján

    República Argentina

    La función de Copy Trading de BingX, una función ofrecida por algunas plataformas de inversión como eToro pero muy difícil de encontrar en Exchanges de criptomonedas.
  • 최래원


    BingX은 암호 화폐 파생 상품을 제공할뿐만 아니라 지수, 상품 및 외환 시장과 관련된 계약까지 제공함으로써 경쟁 업체와 차별화 되는 플랫폼입니다.

In the Press

See what the media has to say about BingX trading and investing platform

BingX has grown from humble beginnings to become a mainstay of the derivatives market thanks to its intuitive platform, variety of trading pairs, easy access to funds, and local adoption.

Unlike most of its competitors, BingX offers a demo and social copy trading service, which allows newcomers to get to grips with the vagaries of trading before putting real money on the line.

BingX’s digital collectibles are gaining much traction and bringing with them a new type of innovation that is capable of disrupting and at the same time transforming the industry. In addition, it breathes the spirit of creativity.

There are benefits for both sides in copy trading on BingX: Other than potentially gaining more trading profits from copying the practices of pro traders, copy traders acquire knowledge and new techniques that may be useful for them in the future.

However, exchanges like BingX help mitigate this risk that comes from learning to trade. BingX reduces the risk for newbie traders by using trading strategies like copy trading and by utilizing a beginner-friendly interface.

Though a relative newcomer to the market, BingX will be hoping to grab a sizable piece of the action as it pushes into emerging markets in the months to come. Given that BingX already supported non-crypto assets and its partnership, the platform positions itself as a one-stop shop for traders of all stripes.

In a short space of time, BingX has taken on the established players to become one of the top three platforms in terms of low taker fees and achieved high trading volumes.

Las virtudes principales de BingX radican en su módulo de copy trading, así como en su avanzado enfoque del trading de demostración, sumado a la variedad de instrumentos para operar dentro de la misma plataforma.

BingX Exchange、2018年に設立、暗号資産デリバティブ契約取引プラットフォームである。暗号資産だけでなく、外国為替、インデックスなどの他の金融商品も扱っている。

Avustralya’da kaydı bulunan şirket, Estonya’dan kripto para ticareti için lisans almayı başardı. BingX’un buna ek olarak Huobi, OKEx, Binance, Bittrex gibi borsalara benzer şekilde ABD’deki FinCEN’den aldığı bir lisansı bulunuyor.
Güvenlik açısından çalışmalarını sürdüren şirket, pazarlama müdürü tarafından yapılan açıklamaya göre kurulduğu günden beri hiç hacklenmedi.

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